On Becoming Babywise

Teach your children self-soothing and independence while still showing them all the love in the world! I read this before my first baby.

HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

This bassinet is so convenient! It swivels and it is so sturdy! It also comes with a nightlight and a nursing timer.

SwaddleMe Original Blankets

SwaddleMe blankets are so easy to use! If swaddling is hard for you and your baby, these make it super easy!

Freemie Collection Cups

These breast milk collection cups can be used with a variety of pumps and make the pumping process a SO much easier and convenient. 

Aveeno Lavender Lotion

This stuff smells so good and it is so soothing for my little ones. This is especially true for Tyler who has super dry skin. 

Medela Pump

A quality breast pump is a must, must, MUST. Seriously, don’t skimp on this one! This along with the Freemie cups get me through pumping.

Covered Goods 4-in-1 Nursing Cover

This beauty is a nursing cover, a carseat cover, a shopping cart cover and a scarf all in one! Talk about a multitasking tool!

Skip Hop Diaper Backpack

Once you have more than one kid to chase, having a backpack diaper bag makes things so much easier! No more bags slipping off your shoulder!

Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer

I LOVE this bouncer because it’s cozy for baby and easy to move around for busy moms. I’ve used this bouncer with all 3 kiddos!

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