Money Making Apps

Today, I want to introduce to you 2 great apps that can make you money for things that you are already (or should be doing) anyway. Now we are not talking mega money here, but it is money you didn't already have! The best part, is they are not time consuming.  Many times money making apps require surveys and performing countless tasks that no mom has time for.  These apps are a quick and easy way to make some extra cash.

The first app is the pact app which pays you for performing healthy activities like exercising, eating fruits and veggies and logging your meals.  I will warn you though, this app involves committing to performing a certain number of healthy activities each week.  You choose the number of activities, but if you fail, they will charge you.  The second just pays you for going shopping. You just take a picture of your receipt. How easy is that! Check out all the details below!!


Pact: Earn Cash for Exercise, Healthy Living, and Eating Right - GymPactThis is an app that helps hold you accountable for your healthy habits and provides an opportunity for you to get paid for good behavior.  The app allows you to track 3 areas of maintaining a healthy lifestyle: food tracking, exercise, and eating fruits and vegetables.  To start, you input your goals for the week in each of these three areas.  For example, you can set the goal of working out 3 times a week, recording your meals 6 days a week, and eating 7 fruits and veggies each week.  For the working out goal, there are several ways to track this: you can check in when you get to the gym and stay there at least 30 minutes, your phone can serve as a pedometer and you will have tracked a workout if you take at least 10,000 steps.  

You can also sync Pact with other fitness apps like fitbit or runkeeper, or you can wear your phone when you work out and it will track your motion if you work out for at least 30 minutes.  Any of these options will count as 1 work, and you can only track 1 workout per day.  For food logging, you can connect the app to my fitness pal which we talk about in the fitness section.  Link the two apps and as long as you track all 3 meals, you will have fulfilled your food logging goal for the day.  Finally for fruits and veggies, you can either snap photos of your food from within the app or take pictures with your phone’s camera and then upload it into the app.  If you choose the second option, make sure you upload it the same day or it won't count.  

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog - Snap Receipts. Earn Cash. - InfoScoutThis app is a quick and easy way to make money from the shopping you normally do every day. All you do is go shopping and when you are done you take a picture of your receipt from within the app.  It doesn’t matter where you shop! You can get groceries, clothes, toys, etc.  Each receipt scanned awards you coins based on the amount spent on the receipt.  There are also opportunities for bonuses. For example if you scan at least one receipt in a week you can a spin in the slot machine.  If you scan a t least 1 receipt for 3 weeks within the month you get 3 spins.  Scanning all 4 weeks gets you 6 spins.  Spins in the slot machine can earn you additional coins, you can win your last shopping trip or win cash.  There are also opportunities to answer surveys for more coins. By accumulating coins, you become eligible to redeem them for prizes.  Depending on your number of coins, you can redeem them for Amazon or PayPal cash of varying amounts.  At the minimum scanning your receipts can eventually earn you cash off purchases you needed to make anyway.  It’s so easy, why not do it?  This app is available from both the Apple app store and Google play.  

I hope you will check out one or both of the apps above.  I personally use them all the time.  It's like getting paid to do the things that you do anyway. How can you loose??

Here's to getting some extra cash!



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