9 Things Not to do In Your Morning Routine

There are tons of posts out there on the perfect morning routine. Everyone has their own idea on the best way to start your day.  However, everyone is different and we have different situations. Some of us have babies, some have older kids. Some of us work in the home and others work outside the home.  What we can and need to do in the morning is different. However, there are certain things we should all not do in the morning and I'm here to tell you what those things are! 

What we can and need to do in the morning is different. However, there are certain things we should all not do in our morning routine and I'm here to tell you what those things are!

1. Check Your Email

This is a total energy buster and it derails your day.  You wake up with great intentions and then read an email about something you need to do, or see a sale for something you never intended to buy in the first place.  Whatever it is, it is not what you planned to do for the day.  Save email for later in the day when you have already completed some of your necessary tasks. 

2. Stay Curled Up

I know, sometimes it's hard to start the day.  Not all of us are lucky enough to be morning people.  It's important to stretch out and make yourself as big as possible.  According to Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy, stretching will help you build confidence as you start your day.  It also helps your body wake up. 

3. Get Ready in the Dark

You might think that this helps your body transition, but it's so not true. Your body was made to be sensitive to light and dark. By getting ready in the dark, not only are you more likely to mismatch your clothes (darn you navy blue, almost black socks), but you make your body think its still night.  This can cause you to remain groggy. 

4. Check Social Media

I know, this one is super hard. As a blogger, I use social media for work which makes me want to rationalize using it first thing in the morning.  But I seriously try not to. We think that we are easing ourselves into the day, catching up on whatever happened in the world after we went to bed.  However, we are really just wasting precious time and energy.  The morning is our time when our brain power is at its best and our energy is at its fullest.  We shouldn't waste that on social media. Social media should be for breaks and we shouldn't already need a break as soon as we get up. 

Busy week? You've got this!

5. Check Your Bank Balance

Umm do I really have to explain this one? I don't think any of us are in the place where money talk doesn't cause at least some stress or concern.  You don't want to start your day that way. It's a real downer. Save that for later. Don't ignore money issues of course, but don't look at them first thing in the morning either.  

6. Eat Unhealthy Foods

Did you ever have a day where you ate something you probably shouldn't have for lunch and then at dinner you figured you already ate unhealthily, you might as well go all out with dinner too? Well, when that unhealthy meal is your first meal of the day, then all the rest of your meals can go downhill.  Save the treats for later in the day and make sure your first meal is a healthy one. 

Morning Routine

7. Hit the Snooze

While sleep is super important, so is consistency and waking up on time.  Your body has an internal clock and while we can't always be completely inline with it (many jobs start in the morning whether or not you are a morning person) your body can get used to a routine.  When you snooze, you aren't getting back to REM sleep, so you are not really getting additional sleep, and you can even end up more drowsy. You can also end up being late and ruining your whole morning routine.  Instead go to bed and get up at the same time each day, even weekends.  Once your body gets used to this, you will feel a ton better when you get up. Make sure this accounts for about 7-8 hours of sleep. Gotta get that sleep in! 

8. Have a Hot Shower

While a hot shower feels great when you wake up, it can actually send your body the wrong message. Sure it’s nice and relaxing, but the heat tells your body that it’s time for your muscles to relax and your heart rate to slow down. This can make you even more tired. If you want to really wake up, take a quick cold shower. Otherwise a warm shower can be a nice middle of the road choice. 

Morning Routine

9. Not have a Routine

The worst thing to do in your morning routine is not have a routine.  Having a routine allows your mind to relax and your body to function on autopilot.  You don't want to start out your day making a ton of minor decisions.  You want the decisions already made for you.  Decision fatigue is real and you don't want it before 9 am when you still have a whole day to get through.  You don't have to have the same routine as me or your spouse, or anyone else really, but you need to have one. 

If your looking to create a morning routine that works, definitely keep these things in mind. You can also check out some of my related posts below. You want something that will boost your energy, take advantage of your mental clarity, and get you ready to start the day.  You don't want time wasters and energy suckers. 

What one thing derails your morning routine?  Let me know in the comments. 



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